Life for Americans Before Social Security Wasn't Pleasant.

Topics: Retirement, Pension, Old age Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Life for Americans before social security wasn't pleasant. The employment rate, pensions, the stock market, and savings were destroyed. Many older Americans and families with children, found themselves suddenly in an shockingly economic freefall. Before social sercurity, most old people were poor. On the other hand some older Americans that owned land did well, until their health turned bad. Older workers sank into an economic deprivation because they were forced to survive on economic resources other than there jobs in the market economy. The older Americans typically had to be taken care of by their children. They relied heavily on their families. The Depression swept this world away. Many of the elderly could no longer find work and became so miserable. Those who had been lucky enough to have a pension or some savings saw them disappear. And many who relied on their children saw them buckle under the strain.

Life for Senior Citizens in America before Medicare was terrible, miserable, and difficult. Elderly Americans would have to work without pay, and in return they would provide them with food, shelter, clothing, and health care. Many elderly Americans became very sick and had no medicare to take care of them. So families had to work more just to support there illness. But do to the economic depression there wasn't much work.

Social Security implemented during the aging nation and is still necessary today based on the savings rates of baby boomers and the future of private pension plans. Boomers tended to think of themselves as a special generation, very different from those that had come before. Boomers need social security today, as well as during the aging nation because of there retirement. During the aging nation, baby boomers retirement became a public concern because of the budgetary pressures that developed when baby boomers began to collect Social Security and Medicare benefits. The future private pension plans weren't accumulating enough private...
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