Life Experiences

Topics: Education, Higher education, College Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Identify the benefits of life experiences for the adult student, and describe two life experiences that will be useful as you pursue your degree.

There are benefits to returning to school as an adult student based on past life experiences. For myself, one benefit is to better myself for me and my children. After high school, all I have done is work, I was given an oppurinity to work in collections, something I had never done before. I made some mistakes and hit the wall a few times in my early years. I decided that I wanted a family and subsequently had four children. At that point in my life, I was not mature enough to raise a family, maintain employment, and attend school. My children are now all in school and I am settled into a nice home and a great job. I have matured enough to be able to set priorities for myself, and decide where I want my career to go. I am now very focused on getting my college degree, with the final goal being to obtain my Bachloers degree in Health Care Adminastration. Age and experience has brought me to a point where I know that I need a college education to continue to grow in my field. I am now mature enough to take my education seriously and make it a top priority in my life. The second benefit of life experience that will help me on my academic path as an adult is parenting. I believe that having four children in a row, and raising them to be young adults, drastically will change my focus in life. I have become determined as a result of parenting these children to take education seriously. I believe that modeling behavior teaches our children how to become successful adults. When I was parenting in my early twenties, my focus was much different. I wanted to work, and be the type of mom that was always available for my children. I was not focused on my education at that time. As my children grew older, I wanted to teach them through my parenting skills the importance of obtaining a college degree. Through this...
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