Life Experience in Your Hometown

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Professor Barbara Yohnka
English Composition 101
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When I was eleven, I don’t think I could have imagined what would

happen to me in the next five years of my life. My family’s past was easy going but, I

never thought I would experience such large changes in my own life. I was born in raised

in Harvey, Il but, I consider my hometown to be Tchula, Mississippi. When I turned

twelve years old, my parents moved myself and older sister to a middle class suburban

community called Harvey. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was the new kid on the

block trying to make new friends; to forget about my old friends. I succeeded, I met a

girl, that lived across the street from myself, who would become my best-friend. We did

almost everything together, walked to school, spent the night at on another’s houses and

she ate diner at my house almost every Friday night. Although, my mother worked

full-time, she made sure dinner was prepared once my sister and I got out of school and

my father was home from work. I remember my mom would run my dads bath water and

she made sure he had the biggest plate of food. My father, adored my mother for this, he

made sure she had a new car , while he drove an old beat up truck. My father, definitely

was head of the household, when I wanted to go to after school dances or go to the mall

with friends, my mom will tell me “go ask your father.” Both of my parents are from

Mississippi, in the summertime they would send me down south to visit my grandparents,

I did not like visiting Mississippi due to many mosquito bites I got and McDonalds was

to far for my grandparents to drive to. When I turned thirteen I, expressed how I no

longer wanted to visit my grandparents in Mississippi anymore, my parents agreed. On

my fourteenth birthday, my parents gave me a surprise birthday party: every party my

cousins, aunts, uncles and my parents friends come over to celebrate. After cake and ice

cream my parents would tell me “take your friends upstairs to play so the adults can

party.” I knew what that meant, loud music, dancing, alcohol, and marijuana. I knew

what marijuana was and how it smelled, My parents sold and smoked it when I was

younger. For a fact, my father drank alcohol but my mother did not, it made her vomit.

The parties, alcohol, or marijuana did not bother me, I did not know the side effects of

of either at this age. At age fifteen, I made the volleyball team at my High School

Thorton Township High, I was exceptionally good. My father came to every game, he

also, bought me a new stereo for keeping my grades up while playing the sport. I

remember after each game, we got in my fathers old beat up truck and drove to a nearby

neighborhood called Robbins, my father pulled up to the same apartment complex

every time we went there. He would tell me “I will be right back,” before I could say, can

I go with you. He would spend only fifteen minutes in there. No one ever came out with

him and I never saw him with anything in his hands. I knew we did not have family or

friends that lived in this neighborhood, but I could not ask him we do we always come

here after a game. I stayed with the script it seemed and asked as I always did, can we go

to Dairy Queen? Whenever we enter the house, my mother would pull me to the side, she

would ask me “where have you guys been?” while my father head to the basement, my

reply was always the same, you know! Dairy Queen as I quickly ran to my room to avoid

further questions. Eventually, my mother would start confronting my father on why he

was coming home so late, he could not use me as an excuse by this time the volleyball season ended. My parents began to argue on a daily basis, from what I could hear it was

about my sister being pregnant and about money. My father would leave the house in the...
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