Life Events

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Predictable and unpredictable life event

In this we are asked to focus on events and how they influence the way we develop. We have also been asked to write about two predictable and two unpredictable life events.


Parenthood can be predictable if you plan it and unpredictable if you don’t plan it.

Physically as a parent you can become tired and stressed. This can happen because you are always running around after your child. You can be stressed if your child is behaving inappropriately, or if there has been bad reports from their school. As a parent you can lose a lot of weight due to the ongoing stress and exhaustion, you will then find as time goes on that you begin to feel a little better as your child’s behaviour begins to improve with the help of speaking to and listening to your child and working around the issues they may have. Due to the drastic improvement you will find that everything is easier to handle and that you start eating well and being more focused on day to day routines. When your child is ill however, especially at a young age you will find that you will always be worrying and you will more than likely end up catching whatever illness your child has.

Intellectually you can gain more knowledge and understanding about children by learning about safety, illnesses and how to be a good influence. Through illnesses, you can learn how to deal with viruses, chicken pox, flu and much more. In your own home safety issues can be rugs-children can trip over them, sharp corners- can graze themselves, stairs- children can fall down them and knowing how to store chemicals away from your children so they don’t come to any harm. As a parent you also have to know how to talk to your child so they understand you and can communicate with you.

Emotionally you can become stresses over, money, family, children not reaching milestones and children’s behaviour. You can become stressed over money because you were use to paying bills and buying groceries and still having enough left over for yourself, but now with money you have left over you spend it on your children. You can also be stressed over your child’s behaviour as they start school and will make friends so their behaviour might change.

Socially as a parent you won’t get as much time to yourself as you had before and you won’t get to go out as much. As a parent you can also meet new people through your children as you have to pick them up from school, parents evening and play group so through this you can meet new parents.

Long term effects:
The long term effects of being a parent would include the following, the rewards of your child achieving each milestone in their lives, them growing up to be a strong individual, constant worry and anxiety as they make their own way through life and wanting them to achieve their best potential.

Short term effects
The short term effects of being a parent can include the following, worrying about your child as they go through reaching each milestone and as they start school and make new friends you may worry about their behaviour changes.

Starting secondary school

Physically you can become healthier as you start secondary school a reason for this is P.E lessons and because you walk to more lessons than you did at primary school. At primary school the P.E lessons were short and really easy, but at secondary school the lessons are much longer and the teacher pushes you a lot harder. You can also put weight on because at secondary school because health eating is your choice where as at primary school it was a priority to make you eat a health lunch.

Intellectually, you are gaining more knowledge because you have a variety of subjects and more homework is given to make sure you understand what is being taught. You can also learn how to talk to other people with respect whether it’s your friends or your teachers. You also learn to be more independent as you are...
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