Life Cycle Assessment

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Aim of the assignment

The aim of this assignment is to get acquainted with the basic knowledge the of life cycle assessment. We have to make a choice of a certain product for which we should define a goal, functional unit, delimitations concerning the whole lifecycle and also state the impact on the environment.

Goal of the Life Cycle Assessment

The main goal of the Life Cycle Assessment is to evaluate the possible impacts of the plastic shopping bag on the natural environment. LCA in different words is also called a ’cradle to grave’ analysis meaning that it should state all steps of the product life cycle. Starting from the raw materials, production, utility, transport between the processes and finishing with the disposal phase.

Choice of the product

I have chosen a plastic shopping bag (single use high density polyethylene bag) as a product of my further consideration. I made such decision, because I was aiming at an everyday use subject which is our basic need and a shopping bag fulfils this criteria without any doubt. We are using it every time when doing the shopping because carrying our newly bought possessions without it would be very difficult.. The goal of my assessment is to choose between single use high density polyethylene bag and other types of shopping bags.

Description on the goal

The plastic bag was invented in order to carry the newly bought shopping. It was designed to be small, light, reliable, cheap and handy. The success that this bag gained all over the world is unbelievable. Everybody uses it mainly to carry the shopping, but it also happens that people try using it as an isolation for example for leaking taps, storing food or trash, carrying water and many more. It’s weight, size, price but also impermeability is the reason of this product’s vide use and successiveness.

Functional unit

|Functional unit |Obligatory properties |Positioning properties | | |Ability to carry the shopping usually | | | |weighting between 2 and 4 kilograms | | | |Ability to restrain products having max | | | |about 35 - 40oC (melts in higher | | |Quantity |temperatures) | | | |Minimal temperature of sustaining can be | | | |very low (much less than 0 oC) | | | | |It’s better when the bag is stronger than it | | |At least one shopping period |can be reused in the same way or in different| |Duration | |for example as garbage storing container | | | |Easy to handle | | |Keeping the products inside and preventing |Capacity | | |them from falling on the ground |Price | |Quality |Comfortable handles |Design | | |Meets the environmental regulations...
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