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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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One of my biggest regrets was not spending a lot time with my dog Buster. Buster was a Black Lab and Australian shepherd. He was one of the calmest, relaxed and fun loving dogs you would have ever met. He was always there for me when I felt lonely. Whether I wanted to do something with him like take him for a walk or make the house a mess he did not mind.

Of the many things that I did with Buster I always can remember a few times very clearly. When I was very young, around the age of three probably, I can remember sleeping with him a couple of times in his dog house. We also used to take walks and explore the woods and would go to this one creek and play in the water. One of the funniest moments that I can remember was one summer afternoon I went outside and Buster had this rabbit in his mouth and he was tossing it up three or four feet in the air and he did this a couple of times. Even though this is kind of horrible I found this hilarious. From then on then we called that rabbit crooked leg because he would hop around with a horribly bent leg. Although Buster would never chase or chew on sticks much, he loved to chase apples and snowballs. During the summer I would take him out to our apple tree and hit apples with a baseball bat and he would always chase after the smaller pieces, which I always found funny. Why would he not go for the bigger pieces, I wonder? During the winter season I would always make it my mission to find the biggest block of snow and throw it up in the air for him attempt to catch, even though it was twice the size of his head.

Even though I have a lot of memories with Buster I still feel like I did not spend enough time with him. So I guess what I am trying to say is to be thankful for what you have because you do not know how much a relationship is worth to you until you lose it.
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