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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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RMIT Vietnam is the Asian hub of RMIT Australia. It was founded in 2001 with 3 campuses: Ha Noi campus, Pham Ngoc Thach campus and Sai Gon South campus.. RMIT Vietnam has approximately 6000 students and they come from many countries such as South Korea, Japan, Canada,… Sai Gon South campus (SGS campus) is approximately 7 km from Ho Chi Minh City. To satisfy the demands of SGS campus students, canteen is located in the middle of the campus with green view, fresh air and friendly environment. There are many international cuisines at SGS canteen such as Thai noodle, Pho or Italian pastas that come from different restaurants like Thai Cuisine, Noodle or Global café. There are many seats that both students and teachers can have their breakfast, lunch and dinner due to their timetable. Purpose:

This report investigates the most improvement that canteen of RMIT SGS campus need to apply to make the campus better. Methodology:
Students of RMIT university play an important role in making decisions to change things in the school. Students know exactly what they need to maintain their health for studying. Thus, as customers and consumers of the university's canteen, they definitely have the right to require RMIT cateen to satisfy their demands. Findings

Responses from the research revealed an actual situation at RMIT and students’ s opinion about canteen of RMIT SGS campus.

1. Most students usually eat at RMIT’s canteen
This result shows that it is very important for RMIT to pay attention on improving the quality of RMIT’s canteen. The purpose of an improvement in canteen’s quality is to provide RMIT students the best and most convenient environment for their study, which makes RMIT different with other universities in Vietnam.

2. Quality of food
If food’s quality in RMIT canteen is good, instead of spending time looking for a restaurant outside and money for petrol, students can simply buy food from the campus’s canteen and use their free time...
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