Life Changing Technology

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Life Changing Technology
Today, many people might say that since a great percentage of the general public own both cellphones and computers, interacting as well as communicating have deteriorated because they spend more time conversating through a screen rather than face to face. I believe, in the contrary, that communication has improved immensely. Technology has just brought a new form of communication which is much more complex than any other. I have had the privilege of communicating with my family and friends from my home town, Maracaibo, Venezuela, on a daily basis. Without these technological improvements I would not have the chance to do so. It is a great feeling knowing that even though I do not get to see them for most of the time, I still have the chance to keep in touch through phone calls and text messages. For instance, I had a best friend since I was in kindergarten, his name is Gustavo. When I moved to the United States, I had no idea what was going on since I was only eight years old, and I did not get the chance to give him the proper goodbyes he deserved. I had no way of communicating with him because I did not own a cellphone nor had and internet account such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, etc. After probably a year or so, I figured out how to create an account in Messenger through my father’s new unbelievably modern phone and got the chance to talk to him. I remember his first words, “Por que no regresaste?” which means “why did you not return?”. I almost cried. It was hard for me to explain that the United States was my new home. I was just a child and I barely understood the reason to these drastic changes in my life, new country, new house, new people, and new language. The first year was tough because I could not find a way of talking with any of my friends specially Gustavo. All of that changed once these internet accessed cellphones and computers came out to the public. I talked to every single friend I had for many weeks straight,...
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