Life Changing Experience

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Have you ever experienced a life changing moment? Well I had three experiences tat changed my life and view on things. The weird part is that they happened in order. It all started when my mom sends me to catholic school, then I went to a Buddhist camp, and then I failed my math class. Those moments changed my life forever.

It all started at the age of seven when my mom decided to send me to catholic school in Peru. It was horrible because the nun’s were so strict, especially on religion class. The nun’s always walked around the school with this long wooden ruler. If they heard you say something bad they hit you and it hurt, oddly most of the times they hit me was because I never used to eat all the food in the cafeteria so if you didn’t finished the food they hit you. Ever since then I eat all my food, even if I don’t like it. It also got me scared of nun’s with rulers.

Remember when you were a little kid and you went to a normal summer camp. Well I went to Buddhist camp. This camp was literally in the middle of nowhere. It was located in Colorado’s desert. It lasted two weeks and they were the most relaxing weeks I ever had. They taught us how to meditate, control our anger, help people in need, and never solve problems in violence. In those two weeks I saw my view on something’s different. It got me more opened minded to other ideas. I rarely have fight with my parents or siblings now. It changed how I am right now from what I was before.

The worst feeling I ever gotten was disappointing my parents. It all happened because I failed my math class in 9th grade. It was horrible just looking into their eyes and seeing their disappointment on my performance on school. Ever since then I tried not to fail a class and I never failed a class since then. It changed my view on academics and how I should care about them more.

They’re going to be moments in your life that are going change your perspective on life for good or for bad, but that’s how...
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