Life Changing Events

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Life Changing Events

Events in life are what make us who we are in this present moment. Our temper and personality are mostly based on all of our life experiences, some of them stronger than the others at the point they can actually make some radical changes in each and every one of our lives. A personal life changing event of mine happened around five years ago. I had a dog and he died in a terrible accident. Because of this, I learned that life can be very short and fragile and that it is important to appreciate it and to make the most we can out of our lives while we have it.

The story begins in a regular Sunday after church, my family and I decided to go to the park with some friends and relatives. Consequently, after spending some good time playing football and eating steak, my family and I finally came back home. This is where the sad part of the story begins. I still remember exactly how everything like if it was yesterday. We were all getting comfortable when we arrived to the house, then I heard my sister saying “Oh my God, Goliath is dead,” then I started to worry a little about what was going on, also thinking she was just joking about it. When I got out of my room I saw my sister looking out the window, telling me with her surprised and sad expression she wasn’t joking about it.

When I stuck my head out of the backyard window to see what happened, I saw Goliath, my Labrador dog, hanged on the other side of the fence. In the same instant I saw him hanging from his leash, an avalanche of depressing emotions took over me, making me have a multi-combination of feelings because of the emotional state transition of being happy to being the saddest kid in the whole world. Then, in a glimpse of an eye, memories started coming back of him since I saw him for the first time as a dark-brown little puppy at the store where my parents got him from. Some of them were how he used to sleep under my bed when he was scared of something, when he used to bite all...
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