Life Changing Event

Topics: Person, Play, A New Beginning Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: November 7, 2011
A Life-Changing Event
Showvik Saha
ENG 2D1-03
Monday, September 12 2011

At some point in life, people usually experience one special event that contributes to their personality and what they become today or in the future. Playing soccer for the first time is one event that had a huge impact in a particular boy’s life. Soccer gave him a new identity in school. It changed his lifestyle. Last but not least, Soccer changed his opinion about sports. Soccer came into his life at a young age. On his first ever recess in school; the boy was looking for something to do outside. He sees these kids kicking a ball and running around in the field. From his first glance, the boy fell in love with the game. He quickly joined those kids and played soccer for the first time. From then on, the boy started playing soccer everyday and never looked back. He just loved playing soccer and he still plays soccer after five years. This is how the boy experienced his special event that changed who he was before. Playing soccer changed the boy in many ways. Firstly, soccer gave him new characteristics and a new lifestyle. He became more active, strong, and emotional. In school, he would play soccer everyday and always showed his emotion whenever he disagreed with his peers. He is more social and vocal in school because soccer made him more of an upbeat and an exciting person. The boy is also not scared to join sporting events or any other physical activities in school because soccer erased all his fears. Another way playing soccer affect the boy’s life is how it gave him a new identity in school. In school, he went from a boring anti-social kid to a strong, athletic and a cool person. People would admire his soccer talents and also how much he cares about the sport. By playing soccer, the boy gained respect from his friends and teachers. Before, people barely knew him but now people can’t wait to see him every day. Lastly, playing soccer not only made the boy like...
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