Life Changing Essay

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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They say your life flashes right in front of your eyes during a near death experience and your mind subconsciously try's to recall past life experiences to put into solution to why the dramatic experience is occurring. My life changing experience was deffenetly one to remember and one to never forget. In my eyes I never really thought the concept of your life flashing before your eyes was true and was simply so pretentious, the whole idea of it to me just was so vague. It was far from distinction from reality to fantasy. We lived in Mentor Ohio and my parents were self employed. They owned there own business which was a small grocery store 15 minutes away in Downtown Cleveland. Surprisingly the store was really busy and there were constantly customers in and out, we had one of the busiest locations in Cleveland for the Ohio lottery. The only problem my parents had was they could never find good help, if they did find someone it was someone only temporarily or we ended catching them stealing and having to fire them. For the most part I was always there to help them out which meant going in every single day after school. I know it seemed a bit rough cause I never got a single day off by when it came for me to step up, I did because I couldn't just leave my parents helpless like that. It was a snowy night in Cleveland Ohio six days before Christmas. I was on shift working alongside with my dad and we were both closing the store which was at twelve. From what i remember It was a very exhausting evening, we were busy that entire day and now it had finally calmed down. I went to make some food behind the counter wile my father was busy re stocking the coolers. I proceeded to eat while watching the news, out of my peripheral I noticed three African American male subjects walking at an abnormally fast pace rate to the front door. In normal instances i would not be alarmed but this occasion was different because they were all wearing black bandanas...
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