Life Can Be Happy If People Will It to Be

Topics: Love, Personal life, Happiness Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: June 27, 2013
Prado, Kathleen Clarisse
Life Can Be Happy if People Will It to Be

With every year that adds to one’s age annually, every individual also gains sufferings as well as questions of doubt about the pleasure and simplicity that was once the definition of life. As we travel further into our existence, we realize that life is not always about rainbows. It has been that way since Jesus’ era, but in the end, our happiness is always up to us. Jesus time was also a time of agony, problems sprout quite both alike and different from our present age. He, however, still lived a very happy yet simple life full of love, prayers and sermons. The film flashed a very human and unusual Jesus, who is frolicsome, who is vulnerable, who is attracted to a woman, who is tempted, who is undecided, who is troubled, who is in fury and who is affectionate in every way possible. He really showcased that He was indeed a sacrament of God, brought down to Earth to relieve the misery of His people. Through the film, I realized that Jesus really lived His life to the fullest, not wasting any mornings or afternoons, to be a solution to millions of people through faith and love. Until now, God alleviates the suffering of His people either personally or through the Church. When times are rough and you feel all alone, try to pray; you will surely find the reason to be happy and a reason to live because you will find love as you talk to God. Moreover, I learned from the article that not only Jesus but also the Church, whom He left the authority to continue with His mission, can be a sacrament. Oppressed people from oppressed times always need a Savior. With God and His people on everybody’s side, there is not a single reason for sorrow although there are problems. Being happy doesn’t always mean you have it all, it means having enough to keep you contented.

I hope that the love shown by God and His people to the world, regardless of everything, would inspire others as it has inspired me....
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