Life Beyond Earth Does Exist

Topics: Life, Bacteria, Microorganism Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Life beyond Earth does exist. The life that exists beyond Earth is only simple microbial life. In order for complex life to exist many specific events would have had to happen which is highly unlikely. Spacecrafts have found regions of other planets that appear to be able to sustain simple life. Simple life forms have been found on Earth in extreme conditions never thought possible. On someplace other than Earth simple life forms do exist.

If complex life were to occur on places other than Earth many unlikely events would have to had happened. According to the Drake Equation there are at least seven factors that have to happen in order for intelligent life to occur. We do not even know the answers to most of the factors that one must use in the equation to calculate if there is intelligent life. The Rare-Earth Hypothesis also supports the idea that complex life outside of Earth most likely does not exist. The Rare-Earth Hypothesis states some of the reasons why complex life only exists on Earth. These ideas include that the planet must be the proper distance from a star, mass of the planet, and oceans to stabilize the atmosphere. For those reasons, complex life does not exist on planets other than Earth.

Space voyages from Earth have found regions on other planets that have the possibility of having simple life forms. For example one of Saturn’s moons may contain liquid water below the crust of ice. Water is essential to life as far as we know, so this means life could exist on this moon with suspected water. On the surface of Mars scientists have found what look like streambeds with crisscrossing paths of water. Finding these areas support the theory that life exists beyond Earth. Only simple life can exists beyond earth because most planets do not have the ability to avoid disaster, such as meteors, therefore drastic changes in climate would not support complex life.

On Earth simple life forms can be found in unexpected places. Simple...
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