Life Before the Web

Topics: World Wide Web, Writing, Tim Berners-Lee Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: June 25, 2011
Life before the World Wide Web versus life after the World Wide Web

How was life for us before the World Wide Web versus after the World Wide Web? It seems that we have grown so accustomed to the World Wide Web; it is as if we never had to do with out it. We have to really think hard as to some of the things we did before the introduction of the World Wide Web. The things we did that we no longer do are pilling up on us more and more. The past now seems like a distant memory, although our time with the world wide web is not as long as our past without it seems. The art of the handwritten letter, has taken a turn for the worse. The way that we look up our technology, it used to be a lot of studying in libraries. This type of research has also changed. What is even more outstanding is the almost extinction of the typewriter. It is outstanding to me that although we have the life that is very advanced in so many ways after the world wide web. We still were able to do quite well with our lives before it. Now it seems that not only does this post-world wide web society seem to thrive with these technological advances. However, it also seems that we feel we could never do with out any of them. I remember back when I was a child, how much my mother use to love to write letters. She even got me started on writing letters. The written word was very important to her as well as my instructors. I had instructors that were very strict about not only how to write but as well when to write. As they stressed that sometimes when you want to express your feelings on research paper, might be O.K., but to send this message might take some thinking as to when be the best time. Fact was if you wanted to write anything you would use, research paper, and mail it. Now that we are in the world wide web era, I am having a hard time remembering when I used a pen and research paper to write something a personal as a letter. With the emergence of computers in every station of life. Hardly...
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