Life at Simsree

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Sydenham Institute of Management Studies Research and Entrepreneurship Education or SIMSREE as we fondly call it has in every way brought about a pleasant new angle to my life and also for the others. I remember the very first day when I stepped into SIMSREE to take up my admission, new faces all around you, a little apprehensive feeling while greeting each other, getting to know each others background. We were virtually exchanging our CV's (getting to know your competitors from day one itself you see). But the best part of the day was the way in which the entire admission process was handled; the staff members were very cooperative, patient. Our Director too was present all day to answer our queries, guide us. A good start to a new life at SIMSREE.

A few days later on I was surprised to receive an email written by the Chairman of our senior batch himself, welcoming us to SIMSREE, informing us of an induction day that was going to be held before the start of college. The induction day actually put my nerves to rest as the seniors went out of their ways to give us complete information regarding the college, rules & regulations, what we need to do to build our CV's. This ice breaking session got me all ready to get, set and go to work hard to achieve and pursue my goals as them. As college started I was in for a rude shock when I learnt that we were going to have 11SUBJECTS in the first semester itself. Being a BCom student I was highly relieved to know that few of the subjects were already known to me but what about my other unfortunate engineer friends, accounts was akin to a foreign language for them(by the way they have proven me wrong, as all of them at excel at it).

Fortunately for us our seniors took the pains to sit down with us, take our details and preferred choice of specializations to appoint mentors for us from our senior batch who shared a similar background. This exercise was undertaken so that we get a...
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