Life at Dhaba (Ethnography)

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  • Published : April 10, 2012
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Life at Dhaba(local restaurant) Shisha(water pipe).! For my ethnography I chose to study the life at restaurant popularly known for its shisha (water pipe).It is located near my building at clifton which is quite vissable from my gallery as the restaurant is in open air.The main focus of this ethnography is to compare the norm (expected patterns of behavior) of people who come to smoke. The restaurant is more popularly known as dhaba (local restaurant) which serves local cuisine chicken karahi, mutton, paratha’s, all varieties of heavily spiced pulses and tea; it is provided to meet the every food necessities of the people. Dhaba is open 24 hours a day and shisha’s are served after 6pm.Two three kids and young boys wearing torn kurtas functioned as waiters and cleaners and kept the place in order. Tables and chairs are placed in an open environment while on the corner a long table with fancy water pipes and around 30 different flavored tobacco packets placed on it. My observation for this report spanned over a twelve day period. Four of these days I started my observation in morning and continued till evening, while other eight days I observed at night. The first things that I took note were the different jobs and the special tasks that the employees are expected to carry out. There are many jobs including four cooks for B-B-Q, tea, tandoor (is used for cooking and backing) and cook for other dishes such as Karahi, pulses, etc. Two persons run the water pipe counter one serves and the other makes it with loose flavored tobacco. Three to four dish washers are also present. I observed people of different ages at dhaba teens and young male were usually gathered in groups while aged male were mostly sitting alone.Waterpipe was usually ordered by teens and young males, no aged person was observed smoking water pipe they usually ordered tea or meal. While watching groups of people smoking water...