Life as a Teacher

Topics: Childhood, Education, Toddler Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Life as a Daycare Teacher

Education is the only way to help a person succeed. Despite all the government cuts in the schools children don't stop learning. As well they are learning at an early age as early as the age of their first few months. Children need and use everyday items to help them grown and learn to succeed in life. The government is cutting programs not only in day cares but in Regular Schools. These programs are here to help the children achieve what they wanna do in life. Not only life’s goals but their dreams as well.

One thing I have noticed in being a childcare teacher kids start learning at an infant stage just by looking at wind chimes to simple solid colored balls. An infant teacher can put a bucket of water or different colored blocks in front of the infant and there are many things the child experiences when they are introduced to items like these. Children begin to learn about senses, touch, smell to colors of things. This is where children begin to learn to say first words to their very first steps.

Second as they begin to progress in their early stages they begin to explore new things such as walking and picking up things. When they move into a toddler waddler room they learn new things such as jumping on two feet to putting on a shirt. Some people don’t realize a lot of the time parents do not have the time to work with their children a lot of the time they miss out on their development stages. We as teachers see the need of the kids and help them grow into people who can be independent in their life’s. Toddlers begin to explores more senses such as touch, feel, smell and taste. This is a big key in their stages of growing.

Lastly as they begin to learn about their colors and numbers and shapes in the toddler class they move into a preschool area where materials are a big key. This year the government is cutting back on programs that help us with materials for the students to grown in the development stages. A lot of the...
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