Life as a Cotton Bud

Topics: Cotton, Seed, English-language films Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: May 13, 2013
s a Cotton BudCotton Bud Story

Once upon a time, in a land not that far away, a little cotton seed named Bud was on his way to be planted in a large field. He was in a big noisy machine full of lots of other little seeds. It was moving and some of the seeds at the bottom of the pile were falling out the bottom. Then, suddenly, there was a big bang and smoke filled the dark chamber of the machine. The machine started to pick up speed. What started at a very, very slow pace, soon became a very, very fast pace. It was chaos. Seeds were going everywhere. Beams of light were starting to seep through the cracks in the wall. Bud was at the very top of the pile, so he was the only one still in the machine when it started to slow down and come to a stop. He heard another big bang and then loud, angry human voices. Suddenly, the machine tilted up and Bud went sliding down the side and out a little crack. There he sat, for what seemed like a very long time. He had watched the sun go from one side of the sky to the other several times. He had sat as the scorching heat warmed the soil around him. He had cried as the loneliness took hold, when he realised he was going to be here forever all alone. All the other seeds were lying over on the far end of the field. One day a cold stream of water started to cover Bud’s little seed body. The water continued to flow. It relaxed Bud. He really liked having the cold water to cool him as the sun’s heat beat down on him. Soon, Bud started to grow. He grew so tall; the water was too low to wet his top half! Bud found this all very strange. Later, a fluffy white bush started to grow out of him. He liked his new body. Bud could also see all the other seeds on the other side of the field had grown like he had. He could also, for the first time, see that there were some seeds on the field behind him. They were separate from the ones that fell out of the same machine he was in. These ones didn’t appear to have any water. They hadn’t grown....
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