Life as We Know It: Stick Figures

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  • Published : October 29, 2009
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Life as we know it: Stick Figures
9,000 dollars for good breast implants, 4,500 dollars for a face lift, 3,800 dollars for a tummy tuck, 2,800 for a nose job, and the list just goes on and on. These are just some of the many outrageous procedures that people undergo everyday around the world. Why do people do this? To look like a movie star of course. More and more people are becoming drawn into the craze of hovering over the television and reading every gossip magazine to see what’s happening in the world of celebrities. The extreme fascination that people have for celebrities, in my opinion, is a very unhealthy one to say the least. There are three major reasons for this; people are so involved in celebrities lives that they take valuable time out of their lives to check up on how celebrities are doing in theirs, people are so caught up with celebrities, that they are forgetting about major issues in the world, but most importantly and dangerously, the way people look at themselves and treat their bodies after seeing how a new nose job made someone look, or how a much skinnier someone looks because they have been throwing up. People today should not be so fascinated with celebrity’s lives, it’s purely unhealthy.

By definition, obsession is an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone, a fixation. Today, more and more people are obsessed with what

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is going on in a celebrity’s life. Studies have even shown that people that aren’t very religious look up to celebrities to fill the void of Jesus. Leo Braudy suggests that celebrities are more like Christian calendar saints than like spiritual authorities (Tiger Woods, patron saint of arriviste golfers; or Jimmy Carter, protector of down-home liberal farmers?). “Celebrities have their aura—a debased version of charisma” that stems from their all-powerful captivating presence. When it gets to the point of idolizing celebrities to the point of the being a religious icon, that’s...
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