Life as We Knew It

Topics: Volcano, Influenza, Life Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: June 14, 2012
Life As We Knew It

Time was running out. Stakes were high. It was supposed to be a particular day for everyone including Miranda, a typical teenage girl. As usual, she went to school, then went home with the knowledge that an asteroid was to hit the moon later in the day. At first, nothing seemed to have happen until a noise almost like a sonic boom erupted from the sky. The moon appeared closer than ever in an eerie, unnatural sort of way. Almost suddenly, Earth was hit with tornadoes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Out of the many people who witnessed this event, Miranda stayed strong and fought her way through the epidemic, even through the roughest of times.

Confusion filled Miranda. She wasn’t sure exactly what was to happen next. Was this a temporary problem, or was this the start of the end of the world? Along with her two brothers, and a single-mother, they all knew giving up was no solution. The first problem Miranda had to deal with was outrages climate change. Tides were rising, and the whole Earth seemed to heat up like the sun. This made work tedious, and increased stress levels tremendously. Radio channels blew up with constant news about a new volcano erupting, or a tsunami wiping out a country. All living organisms were at risk, for a catastrophe could hit their habitat at any given moment. Nonetheless, Miranda knew that though her life could be taken away extremely soon, she had to do anything to keep her and her family alive for as long as possible. Miranda ran all over town finding what food there was, water, and other supplies that would benefit both her and her family. She knew this new life will be difficult, but it gave her no reason to lose hope.

Besides the extreme climate change, electricity was hardly ever up and running. This meant that by the time night came around, there was nothing to do besides sleeping. Fighting boredom was almost as difficult as coping with the rising stress levels. The lack of electricity gave...
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