Life as an Adolescent: Rising above All Odds

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Life as an Adolescent
By MZeeee

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of my life as an adolescent.

Thesis Statement: My experiences when I was at the peak of my life at the age of 15, my downfall and how I rose above all odds to prove others wrong.

Organizational Pattern: Topical

Attention Getter: In life, we can never be complacent with whatever we have because in any split second without you realizing, all those things can be taken away from you. Greetings: Good morning class and tutor. I will be talking about my life as an adolescent. I will be speaking about Main Points:

a) The rise and peak of my life at the age of 15
b) The downfall of my life
c) Rise above all odds

Main Point 1: The rise and peak of my life at the age of 15
I. Did small performances like singing in wedding functions and competitions. II. Big break came in when someone decided to create a singing career path for me. III. With that, I recorded demo tracks and did photo shoots.

With that, now everyone knows how I rise and reach the peak of my life. With every up, there is always a down.

Main Point 2: The downfall of my life
I. Started putting on weight and I was not happy on how I was being managed. II. My closest family member passed away and I flung my examinations. III. Went through depression and did not continue singing.

Moving on to my last point, every downfall, it is how you rise that matters.

Main Point 3: How I rose above all odds
I. Continuous support from family friends to sing and forget what had happened II. Slowly started singing again, did better in my studies III. Got over my depression
That is basically my life as adolescent. Before I end my speech, I would like to reiterate my speech and they are I. My rise and peak of my life at 15
II. My downfall
III. Rose above all odds after my downfall

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