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Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy was born July 25, 1956, in Cheshire, England. He was the son of Frederick Alan (a professor) and Muriel Goldsworthy. He married Judith Elisabeth Gregson who he had 4 children with, James, Holly, Anna and Thomas. He went to Harrogate High School an advanced art school where he spent his free time working on a local farm. The experiences he on the farm gave him a lot of knowledge about working with the land. After High School he attended Bradford Collage of art from 1974-1975, and Preston Polytechnic collage from, 1975-1978. Goldsworthy also took additional courses in fine art and began to develop his own style. He also loved the outdoors and soon it became his studio he moved out of the collage and back onto the farm he had worked at. He was very interested in how the land changed through the seasons and what grew on it, he believed the land was his teacher. He told Anna Murphy in an interview for London's Observer. "Farming itself is a sculptural process, fields are ploughed, bales of hay are stacked, walls are built. The day is spent shaping and re-creating what is around you."

Goldsworthy is known for working in unfavourable weather conditions so he could use the snow ice rain and seasonal change. A good example of some of Andy Goldsworthy's work is his snowballs in Glasgow. With the help of some art students he created eighteen large snowballs which were shown in the Old Museum of Transport. After five days the only thing left was the debris the snowballs had picked up scattered across the floor. Goldsworthy marks the moments of change through the documentation of the events and performances. His works range from massive brick walls to poppy petals strung together with thorns. He travels all around the world to do land art though much of his work his done here in England.

His first really famous project was in the United States and came in 1997 with "The Storm King Wall" at a sculpture park at the Storm King Arts...
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