Life and Works of Rizal

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Chapter I


Background of the Study

The tourism and hospitality industry is unquestionably one of the world’s fastest rising and dynamic, having huge significance in terms of both revenue generation and socio-cultural and environmental development.

As part of the tourism and hospitality industry, hotels and resorts benefit most. Hotels play a vital role not only in the local and national tourism industry but also in the local and national economy. It provides tourists accommodation that would make tourists feel comfortable, feel that they are in their own home. They also provide variety of foods, standard amenities, and an impeccable services and hospitality. Usually, hotels have its own restaurant so that they can provide all the basic needs of their customers. And nowadays, hotels have its resort on its facilities to offer for the relaxation of their customers. Hotel and tourism management depends on an employee's professional, creative and customer-centric approach to the hospitality industry. Managers carefully work on professional and experiential skills to operate hotels, resorts and restaurants. An effective manager train and mold its employees to have great skills and be as professional as they can be.

Resorts are considered as part of hotels, but there are still some establishments that separately worked as resorts alone. It is the favorite place of tourists because of the water’s cleanliness, the time and the scenery that can bring relaxation in your body as well as in your mind.

Significance of the Study

From a theoretical perspective, this research intends to provide an implication to the strategies used by hotels and resorts for promoting their business. How effective the strategies they used and how this affect the sales income and feedback from their customers.

Studying about the promotional strategies use by resorts and hotels are very significant for each and every student from tourism and h.r.m because it is related in the field that they will enter in the near future. This will not only help students to understand further information about resorts and hotels but also will explain how their business succeeded in the chosen industry. Thus, this will also help them to determine the most effective promotional strategy used by hotels and resorts. This can be there guidelines and basis that they might need as an alternative references.

This study provides background information regarding some selected hotels and resorts in Cavite to understand how their business work and how their business stay on this industry.

Statement of the Problem

Hotels and resorts had undergone development and improvement as they are continuously discovered. With new challenges and changes happening in their business, owners were now aware of better strategies for competitiveness.

The study attempt to answer the following dilemma in a question form:

1. What are the different facilities, amenities, and services offered by the selected hotels and resorts in Cavite?

2. What are the promotional strategies being used by the establishments?

3. How often do they conduct their promotion?

4. How much is the cost of promotion?

5. How effective are the strategies used for the promotion?

6. What are the promos and discounts each establishment give to their customers?

Objectives of the Study

Generally, this study aims to determine the promotional strategies of selected hotels and resorts in Cavite

Specifically, this study aims to:

• Describe the facilities, amenities and services provided the selected hotels and resorts in Cavite.

• Determine each promotional strategies utilized by each establishments...
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