Life and Tragedy

Topics: Life, Tragedy, Character Pages: 2 (890 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The depth of sadness

My sister has a strange habit which might be a kind of general for many people in modern society that every time before she start enjoying a new novel or a new movie she must ensure that this story is a happy story. She is one of those who cannot stand any tragedy at all. When I was young it was easy for me to give her my review guide. Sometimes I answered: “ Yes, you should have a try. That is a good story with happy ending.” The other times I just say: “ No, it is a sad one, a totally tragedy. They all died at the end.” I have not exaggerate that my sister even shivered when she heard my sentence-introduction. As the horizon of my personal experience becomes wider with age, I begin to tough with variety forms of books and plays. It makes me harder and harder to answer my sister’s questions. I begin to feel confused: How should I define a tragedy? What is the real sense of tragedy?Could it only be defined as the art form that tells the story which has the main character died at the end? To put it in another way, if tragedy only brings sadness and makes us chill, why they are everlasting exists in human society and being attractive to people? These question came to me when I read the book The Time Traveler’s Wife.At the end of the book, it tells the time traveler has already died for tens of years but before his death he has ever traveled to “the future”,the space that he was already not exist in anymore. At the last page, the travel’s wife has already became an eighty-year old lady and finally met her husband whom traveled from the past and has left her world for tens of years. And they hugged together. This is the first ending that makes me feel endless but satisfied. Just like the end tells me the last huge continued to forever but the time just stopped at that moment: The ending is endless; The people who has gone is forever remained; The sadness build up the best happy ending. And the perfect happy ending lies in this sad...
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