Life and Teachings of Imam Hussain

Topics: Islam, Iran, Husayn ibn Ali Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: January 12, 2013
The tenth of the Holy Month of Muharram, year 61 hijrah, signifies the very crucial and important event in the history of Islam. The grandson of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Imam Hussein (AS) who was dearly loved and respected by the Holy Prophet stood in the plains of Karbala with his 72 companions and members of his household against the army of approximately 30, 000 that were sent by the Caliph Yazid ibn-e Muwaiyah. Of course this battle took place over several hours and the Imam’s armies were all killed and the family members were taken as captives.

Since then, this particular revolution has been a cause of mourning, grief, as well as an inspiration for millions of people and is marked every year during the first 10 days of the holy month of Muharram. When people stand up for respect and pay their loyalties towards this individual, his devotion, his sacrifice, and his total commitment to the cause of his religion Islam.

Of course one of the beauties of Islam is that, it’s not just a theory or presented by a few books or text. It was actually manifested and brought into place in terms of practical applications. The Holy Prophet and his pure progeny are complete embodiment and manifestation of Islam entirely. They taught us how God wants us to live in this world. When we examine the history we find that Karbala is the most exemplary event. Imam Hussein stood in the plains of Karbala on the day of Aashura gave a couple of sermons reminding people wearing the turban of the Holy Prophet and his sword. Reminding the people who he was. He said “I’m not taking anything from you, I am not usurped. I have come here for 2 reasons. To reform and to do Amr-bil-Maroof and Nahi-unal Munkar”. The 2 most important principles in Islam. On that same day when he was left all alone he cried out “Is there anyone there to help me?” If you think about it there was no one left except him. So who is this call meant for? Of course this call is actually for all human beings till the...
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