Life and Pakistan

Topics: Life, Punjab, Pakistan Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Pakistan displays some of Asia’s most magnificent landscapes as it stretches from the Arabian Sea, its southern border, to some of the world’s most spectacular mountain ranges in the north. Pakistan is also home to sites that date back to word’s earliest settlements rivaling those of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia . When Pakistan emerged on the map of the world as a sovereign and independent state in August 1947, it was like a baby in ICU with hardly any prospect of survival, on account of its extremely vulnerable defence and fragile economy. However, despite numerous setbacks, crises and turmoils of gigantic magnitude, it has so far been able to survive and make some progress due to several factors, perhaps the most important of which is its strategic geographical location and its particular ideology. Pakistan’s geo-strategic importance can be best understood in the regional and global perspective. In geographical terms, it is surrounded by four countries: Afghanistan, Iran, India and China, each of which is a major player in international politics. In one way or the other, Pakistan is vital for these countries and this raises its international stature. 4 years before I went to America via Dubai, it was my first trip to aboard and to be very honest I felt as if I am going to heaven. I reached Dubai and after that New york international airport. The first thing American emigration officer asked me ,Who are you? Meanwhile I took out my passport and he replied “ooh green passport, Pakistani right.” It was the proudest moment off my life as I replied “ Yes I am Pakistani.” Pakistan is important for me because I know that we have got this country after a struggle of years. sacrificed for this piece of land, Pakistan is country for which my ancestors have sacrificed their lives, happiness and even their property. This country is not a piece of a land for me it is my identity, when your ancestors gave their life, property, money and even their happiness then...
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