Life and Cemetery

Topics: Life, Soul, Death Pages: 5 (2063 words) Published: March 23, 2012
The cemetery that I visited was the Benedictine University Cemetery. It is a cemetery on campus where all of the reverends, pastors, and important religious idols affiliated with the school, are buried. The cemetery has a path that runs through the middle of it and it leads up to a statue of Jesus Christ on the cross. This is not a grave, but more a religious centerpiece that the eyes can focus on. Around the centerpiece are many rows of crosses. In front of those crosses are head stones in the ground of the deceased. I wondered if the people who had crosses were more important religiously than those who do not have crosses. To really take in everything the cemetery has to offer though, I used all five of my senses. One of the best ways to really understand what something is is to investigate it using all of your five senses. This is exactly what I did. I looked at all of my surroundings, smelled, tasted the air (more imaginative), touch, and hear what my environment has to offer. What do you see when you walk into a cemetery? Do the images that you see help you perceive and feel something specific? As I walked into the cemetery, I saw rows upon rows of crosses. Jesus Christ is the center piece of the cemetery. When I walked in, I walked underneath a row of coniferous pine trees. I actually found this very interesting; because if you think about it, coniferous pine trees, in a sense “don’t die”. They live throughout the winter and the summer; an all year round. Can this be a symbol of the human soul living past the point of the body dying? That was the only type of shrubbery that I saw in the cemetery, besides the fake flowers, which also live longer than normal flowers.

A cemetery is a place of deep thought and transition. It was interesting to see the birds swoop in and out of the trees without a care in the world while death surrounds them in every which way. Then my mind started to drift off again. Why do humans bury their dead? I know it is to commemorate the dead, but can’t that be done in a manner that doesn’t in a sense, ‘waste less land’? Now I am not trying to be disrespectful in any sense at all, but once the body is dead, why keep it? If you think about it, cemeteries use so much land for the dead. I feel like we are celebrating death, even though the whole meaning behind a cemetery is for remembrance. Honestly, when I drive by a cemetery, I am filled with grief. When in a cemetery, death is upon us. Even in the light, a dark stage inhabits a bright time.

I think the most discrete way to investigate a cemetery is the stop and smell your surroundings. What does your nose take in? When I visited, I took in the smell of fresh pine, from the coniferous pines. I took a deep breath and felt very relaxed. Am I supposed to be feeling so relaxed in a cemetery? Doesn’t relaxation go against everything that a cemetery stands for? Wouldn’t one think that you would smell death? Well this is what I thought. But I guess I was wrong. I think that the ‘smell of death’ is more something that you get from horror movies. Plus, it all might just be in our minds when someone states, ‘that smells like death’.

What would death taste like? The question should be more like, who would want to taste death? I’m pretty sure that everyone would have to agree with that statement. Others would say it might taste like something rotten, or moldy. I think I am going to have to agree with the statement saying that no one wants to taste death.

Most everyone has heard the saying, “the touch of death”. Well, what does it feel like to touch death? Is it physically touching the deceased, or having death touch you in a sense? Having touched the deceased is indeed touching death, but does it have a meaning behind it? I believe that just being in the presence of death is overwhelming. It takes you to a place that you don’t normally go. You start to worry about family members and ultimately, changing the way that you live your day to day...
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