Life and American Literature

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Ana Sarabando
AML2000-American Literature
Professor Gibson
Individual Work-Week #12
At this point, you have read works in five genres: speeches, essays, poetry, short stories, and drama, plus you have explored the additional genre of science fiction. You have also discussed the works of nearly twenty authors and have examined the historical eras and events that influenced their works. 1. Write a reflective essay of 250 words (one page) about your experience studying American literature this term. 2. Important: Your paper must have a well-developed introduction, body, and conclusion. * Include at least two of the works from the entire term. * Which works have had the greatest impact upon you?

* Which of the readings did you relate to personally because of your own life experiences? * If there was a character with whom you identified, which one was it? * Why do you think you felt a connection with that character?

In regards to my experience studying American Literature this term, was an enjoyable one. I enjoyed reading all of the short stories and poems. Be able to learn the background of each writer, feel what they wrote about, be able to explore your mind and be able to think what each character went through, and personally experienced the similar events that we read in the stories. In Emerson's essay "Self-Reliance", I found one particular paragraph that; I believe that gives any human being their true state of mind, and way of thinking about life and morals. Fortune. Most men gamble with her, and gain it all, and lose it all, as her wheels rolls. But do thou leave as unlawful these winnings, and deal with Cause and effect, the chancellors of God. In the Will work and acquire, and thou hast chained the wheel of Chance, and shalt sit hereafter out of fear from her rotations. A political victory, a rise of rents, the recovery of your sick, or the return of your absent friend, or some other favorable event, raises your...
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