Life After High School

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My future career choice is becoming a firefighter. I always wanted to be a firefighter since I was five, when I went with my mom to her firefighter training class. Watching my mom do these different obstacles showed me, if my mom can do it so can I. To watch the rest of the staff go through obstacle after obstacle was not only entertaining and informing, but it taught me how teamwork and communication is very important.

Firefighters put out fires and help save civilians in life threatening situation. Fire Fighters work in 24 hour shifts, or 56 hours a week. Fire fighters usually are usually inside the fire house unless there is an emergency. Being a firefighter requires a lot of physical activities, from: working in confined spaces, using power tools, or even lifting or carrying victims. All firefighters understand that they are at great risk of injury or even death every moment they are on the job, but most firefighters are not concerned because there is a job at hand ( saving someone’s life ).

Firefighters need an air pack, extinguisher, ladder, axe, gloves, hydrant, helmet, Jaws of Life, monitors, pump, smoke ejectors, rope, flashlight, breathing apparatus, saws, boots, eye protection, and flame resistant suits on an everyday basis. Being a firefighter you are closely supervised because the job has no room for lack of timing or any room for error. The slightest second off or the wrong tool or even going in the wrong direction can cost someone there life.

In order to be a firefighter you must have a high school diploma, pass all physical and mental training, pass the E.M.T. certification. Firefighters receive most of their training on the job, or at specialized firefighter training center. The typical length of training is usually between 3 to 4 months or even a year. The job outlook of being a firefighter is very good because every district, city, county, town, and state needs firefighters. There is a 17%...
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