Life Abroad Effects

Topics: Psychology, Mind, English-language films Pages: 1 (448 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Living away from your country can be a really interesting and remarkable experience, but at the same time it has vital effects on one's life. The aim of this essay is to discuss some of the main effects that living in another country can develop in your life. A major effect, and also a very common one, is that once you start a regular life away from home, you miss everything. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are unhappy but that you are aware of being on your own. Missing your family and the attention they all paid towards you is a very usual thing to do. Details like watching TV alone instead of helping your mother, having a nice chat with your brother makes you realise how valuable your family really is. Circumstances make it easier to miss all the facilities you used to have back at home, like your neighbourhood, your car, your house, etc. It's obvious then that you have started to appreciate everything you had back where you belong. Another main effect would be learning how to accept a new type of society and culture into your daily life. Since you are living in a place with different customs and traditions from yours, you have to be able to adapt yourself in obscure conditions. This means making new friends, meeting new stereotypes, acquire different opinions and values, etc. As a result, you'll be able to achieve new knowledge. Thinking to change your mind entirely or to be square minded could be regrettable; the intellectual thing to do would be to stick to your principles and change those that you believe could be improved accordingly. The most prominent effect of living away from home is believed to be the independent behavior that grows inside of you. Living on your own far from your family gives you a lot of experiences towards organizing your life. Since it is only up to you and no one else to go to work, organise your room, wash your clothes, and organise your budget, it is predictable that you will have a better and more drastic...
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