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I’m out of breath, my body is weak, my legs are trembling, my heart cannot stop beating, and my body is slowly shutting down on me. I have lost all my faith and I can’t fight this pain any longer. I’m tired of trying, I just want to give up but I won’t because I refuse to be the girl who isn’t strong enough to do things on her own. I’m sick of always depending on others I want to prove to everyone that I’m not fragile and I’m actually a strong young woman.

I have been walking around this desert for about 2 days stranded with only three objects a flashlight, compass, and my phone which has no service. I know that I could’ve brought better things to help me survive in this deserted island but I just wanted to know how it feels to encounter such a huge issue. I wanted to include food but I knew that I would probably locate sources of food and nutrition in the form of berries, leaves, and small animals in the deserted island. However my flashlight was a better tool because it has benefited me in a great way mainly by assisting my survival efforts; it enables me to be productive in the evening and early mornings. Without a light walking in the dark would be very dangerous and risky. One thing I didn’t want was an injury or fall prey to animals. As for my compass I knew that it would be necessary for this journey because it helps to navigate the island and helps me find my way back around. On the other hand my cellular device was actually the number one thing that I needed for this trip considering the fact that it held all my text messages of people doubting me and not having faith in any of the actions I chose to take. My phone helped remind me of the reason why I am in this situation and motivated me to not give up.

On my way to this island I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish such as building my self-esteem, gaining power, and being dependent. These three things meant a lot to me and I was going to make sure that these goals got cultivated. My...
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