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This school year, I'm most afraid that...."

This school year, I'm most afraid that I will not get accepted into the college and the programs that I would like to be in. College is a very important to me because it determines my future and where I am going in life. There are a couple more things that I am afraid that will happen, but my worst fear is that I don’t get into any school and I’m left to do absolutely nothing. There are a lot of decisions that I am making and taking into consideration so I don’t have to worry about it not happening. School can get you so far and it is proven in life the higher your education the more money you make.

A lot of kids that graduate high school don’t go to college. Most graduated students end up working at a fast food place or hustling on the streets. Some of my friends that have graduated last year are doing nothing with their life just sitting around the house being lazy, they not even trying to work or try and do something with their life. Just because you have graduated doesn’t mean your life stops there life actually just begins. Graduating high school is a great achievement but graduating college is an even bigger achievement. Once again my biggest fear is not getting into college because I’ve seen so many kids doing nothing after they graduate and not getting into college would destroy me. College is going to make me or break me, it’s going to determine my future and make me a better person.
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