Life's What You Make It

Topics: Learning, Intelligence, High school Pages: 2 (968 words) Published: March 20, 2011
When I look at a picture of myself, I realize how much I’ve grown and changed, not only physically, but also intellectually and spiritually as a person in the last couple of years. I entered the domain of the high school department as an innocent fourteen year-old boy who considers it to be a very big challenge. A challenge which requires great determination and my skills as a student. They say that high school is a survival of the fittest. You have a choice to stand out among the rest or to be just one among the crowd. Through the years, I’ve learned that experience is truly the best teacher. As a saying goes “Life’s what you make it”, so, today I am a product of these experiences. During my freshman year, I had a hard time coping with the new environment. I was very much intimidated by the strict mentors that I’ve got. But, I said to myself that I will not consider these as hindrances. These teachers will only make me stronger as an individual and will teach me the things I’ve got to learn. I will make these as my stepping stones as I go on with my life. So that’s the start of my good performance as a student. I learned to adapt to the teaching styles of my mentors. I did well in my studies. I also joined contests like quiz bees and other competitions. I was chosen to represent the class for “Balak”, a Cebuano declamation. I think I prepared for it but as soon as I stepped on the stage and grabbed the microphone, things started to change. I had black out, I forgot the lines I was suppose to say. I even felt static electricity coming from the microphone. So, I left the stage with shame. That day was a mark in history for me being loser. That event was just horrible; I didn’t have a face to show to people anymore. I felt so bad that I swore to myself not to join any contests again. Well, I guess I really didn’t keep that promise. With the constant support that my family and friends is giving me, I regained my confidence. I...
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