Life's Greatest Gifts

Topics: English-language films, Psychology, Control Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Editorial- Lord of the Flies

The young boys in the novel’’ the Lord of the flies’’ are stranded on a small island n the middle of nowhere. One of the characters named jack stands out because of his cruel and outspoken personality. Jacks Personality was horrible and discussing, his values led to a lack of truth and justice on the island where the boys had been trapped. Jacks personality prevented him from communicating well with other boys.

During their stay in the island jack had a very abusive personality which mostly lead him to being a bully. He resorts to name calling like calling piggy a ‘’ fatty’’ (45). He deceived the kids in the island to believing that he was superior. Jack was very quick to anger and could not control it most of the time. Jacks actions towards others showed a lack justice towards his friends on the island. The kids in the island did not deserve the way they were being treated. Jack always screamed at the other boys to ‘’ shut up’’ (46). This reinforces that Jack has no respect for the other kids on the island and it shows his overall character. Jack was very deceiving and controlling. His Lack of respect shows by the way he treats his peers. In the novel jack is portrayed as a very harsh and outspoken person who contributes to the chaos that ensure on the island. Jacks actions rube of on most of his peers, psychologically this would be known as observational learning, whatever he did, the boys would also do it. It was a game of monkey see monkey do. Jack had a negative attitude towards being recused and it was a very negative presence throughout the novel.

Jack’s hunter mentality lead to a lack of truth and justice on the island. These ‘’ hunters’’ (51) are a turning point in causing the chaos on the island. Jack was determined to divide the island into two. He wanted his peers to choose sides; he wanted to be superior over all of them. The hunters represented the savage and inhumane events that went on in the island....
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