Lies My Teacher Told Me

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  • Published : September 23, 2008
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“Grace and Power: the Private World of the Kennedy White House” By: Sally Bedell-Smith

Sally Bedell-Smith, the author of “Grace and Power: the Private World of the Kennedy White House”, is an author, and journalist. When writing this book Smith hoped to inform people of the facts they did not know about the Kennedy family. Loewen’s book is well documented and researched; it was written to be informative for everyone. This book covers all the main points a student learns about in history. “Lies My Teacher Told Me” is about what the author says really happened throughout history that many text books left out or made that incident appear better than it actually was. This book enlightens the readers of what really happened and was left out in high school history classes. He also tells about how well different minorities do in certain subject areas and gives an in depth explaination as to why they do not enjoy history. He blames the teachers for the students doing poorly because he says the teachers settle for less. Loewen discusses Helen Keller’s socialist views and how even the pilgrams left Europe also partly in a search to gain more money. He also talks about how Columbus was not the first explorer to reach the new world; however, one of the explorers text books focus on most is Columbus. The main thesis of this book is that American students enter college with less knowledge about American history than any other subject due to text books with little or inaccurate information about specific subjects. The thesis is supported by countless amounts of evidence throughout the book: comparison between text books and things he has observed in classrooms. He provides multiple quotes from American History textbooks used across the united stated and provides more insight about the subject. The writing in this book is very clear and straight forward, so it is easy have a full understanding of is content. Loewen uses visual aids to help the reader get a...
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