Lidocaine Drug Study

Topics: Blood, Bacteria, Coagulation Pages: 2 (313 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Drug Name: Erythromycin
Brand Name:
Classification: Anti-infective
Dosage, Route, Frequency: OU, STAT
Mechanism of Action:
Suppresses protein synthesis at the level of the 50S bacterial ribosome. Desired Effect:
This drug is given to the patient as a prophylaxis for superficial ocular infection. Nursing Responsibilities| Rationale|
1. Cleans the area before application.| To remove secretions and other microorganisms present in the eyes of the baby.| 2. Discard the first drop of the ointment.| To remove microorganism.| 3. Put on at least 2cm of drug on the lower inner conjunctiva from inner to outer cantus.| To prevent spread of microorganisms.| 4. Gently press the upper and lower conjunctiva together.| To distribute evenly the drug.| 5. Wipe the excess medication on the eyes of the baby.| For the baby to look neat and clean.| 6. Tell the mother that there is medication applied on the eyes of the baby.| To prevent removal of the drug.|

Drug Name: Phytonadione
Brand Name: Hema K
Classification: Antidotes, Vitamins
Dosage, Route, Frequency: 0.1 cc (full term)/0.05 cc (preterm), IM, STAT Mechanism of Action:
Required for hepatic synthesis of blood coagulation factor II (prothrombin), VII, IX and X. Desired Effect:
This drug is given to the patient to prevent hemorrhagic disease. Nursing Responsibilities| Rationale|
1. Determine if the newborn is full/preterm.| To know the right dose to be given.| 2. Pinch the site of injection.| To prevent hitting the bone and ensure that the medication is administered in the right route.| 3. Disinfect the site of injection.| To remove microorganisms present.| 4. Inject the medications then aspirate before administering the drug.| To ensure that there is no blood vessel punctured.| 5. Apply pressure at the injection site.| To prevent further bleeding and the leak of drug.| 6. Encourage latching on.| In order for the baby to acquire...
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