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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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* Permission Granted
* Legal Considerations involved in developing a sport/event licensing program * Procedures for developing a sport/event licensing program * Why learn how to develop a sport/event licensing program * 1. Every licensed product= a detailed license agreement * 2. Important to develop and maintain licensing systems carefully * 3. Essential for anyone interested in the field to learn the basics of developing a licensing system * Reasons Licensing Programs Exist

* Profit
* Public Relations
* Protection

* Protecting Property
* Key= trademarked property
* Without trademark- anyone could use your logo and profit from it * With trademark- you can charge them to do so
* Trademark
* A word symbol, or advice used by a person, generally a manufacturer or merchant, to identify and distinguish its good from those manufactured and sold by others * Service Mark
* A word name, symbol, or device used to identify and distinguish a company’s services, including a unique service, from those of another service provider * Trade Dress
* A particular type of trademark that protects the distinctiveness of the appearance and image of a good or service

* Collective Mark
* A trademark or service mark used by members of a cooperative association, or other group or organization * EX. Major League Soccer, National Hockey League player association * Mark

* A shorthand reference to any type of mark, including trademarks, service marks and collective marks * Registered Mark
* A mark registered in the United States patent and trademark office * Counterfeit Merchandise
* Key legal consideration in licensing- 1 billion worth of counterfeit products each year * Trademark Infringement
* Trademark Search

* Parties Involved in a Licensing Agreement
* Licensor...
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