License Renewal

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JOB AVERAGE TIME TO PERFORM (SECONDS) 1. Review renewal application for correctness 15
2. Process and record payment 30
3. Check file for violations and restrictions60
4. Conduct eye test 40
5. Photograph applicant 20
6. Issue temporary license 30

Henry Coupe, manager of a metropolitan branch office of the state department of motor vehicles, attempted to perform an analysis of the driver’s license renewal operations. Several steps were to be performed in the process. After examining the license renewal process, he identified the steps and associated times required to perform each step as shown in Exhibit TN5.19. Coupe found that each step was assigned to a different person.Each application was a separate process in the sequence shown in the exhibit. Coupe determined that his office should be prepared to accommodate the maximum demand of processing 120 renewal applicants per hour.He observed that the work was unevenly divided among the clerks, and that the clerk who was responsible for checking violations tended to shortcut her task to keep up with the other clerks.Long lines built up during the maximum demand periods.Coupe also found that jobs 1, 2, 3, and 4 were handled by general clerks who were each paid $12.00 per hour. Job 5 was performed by a photographer paid $16 per hour. Job 6, the issuing of temporary licenses, was required by state policy to be handled by a uniformed motor vehicle officer. Officers were paid $18 per hour, but they could be assigned to any job except photography. A review of the jobs indicated that job 1, reviewing the application for correctness, had to be performed before any other step.Similarly, job 6, issuing the temporary license, could not be performed until all the other steps were completed. The branch offices were charged $20 per hour for each camera to perform photography.Coupe was under severe...
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