Libyan Civil War

Topics: Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi, American Civil War Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Sarah Roda

Libyan Civil War

I. Introduction
A. By a show of hands, who has been following the recent happenings in Libya? B. The ongoing civil war in Libya and the role the United States played in overturning Moammar Gaddafi is an important account that every American should know. OVERVIEW: There is a lot more to the Libyan war than could be explained in five minutes; but today I am going to give you some background on the situation, talk about the United States’ involvement, and recap the events of the war.

II. Body
A. Before we get into the Civil War, some background on the country itself is necessary 1. Libya’s geography
2. Moammar Gaddafi as a colonel, dictator, and tyrant
3. Uprising of the people
4. Gaddafi’s retaliation
TRANSITION: Now that you know what started the war let’s take a look at the United States’ involvement

B. The United States watched this rebellion unfold and eventually felt it needed to get involved 1. Why the United States got involved
2. Coalition that backed Libya: England, France, Italy and Canada 3. Tomahawk missiles vs. soldiers
TRANSITION: The foreign aid we just discussed was extremely beneficial to the rebel forces, which is what I will talk about next.

C. Bolstered by foreign support the rebel forces in Libya began to battle with Gaddafi’s army. 1. Slowly gained territory
2. Captured Gaddafi’s compound—Gaddafi still missing
3. Established National Transitional Council

III. Conclusion
The ongoing Civil War in Libya and the role the United States, among other countries, played in it is an important event that every American should know about. Libya’s democratic revolution and other new democracies forming throughout Africa and the Middle East bring hope to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan that they too may one day be free from tyrants and terrorists.
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