Libya Imperialism

Topics: Libya, Ottoman Empire, Egypt Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: April 10, 2011
Libya and Imperialism
Although imperialism has had a very drastic effect on many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, it did not have a very significant effect on Libya. Libya had a specific culture, religion, and language before during and after the Italian Imperialism. Although Libya’s government may have varied depending on who was in power, Libya’s culture, what the country really is, has remained more or less the same. Imperialism may have had a significant effect on other countries, but it did not strongly influence Libya.

Before the Italians imperialized Libya, many other countries ruled the area. Starting around the second century BC, all of Africa fell under the Roman rule for about 600 years. The Vandals then invaded Libya in AD 455. The Byzantines invaded Libya within the next century. As of AD 643, the Arabs ruled Libya until 1146 when the Spanish took over . The Spanish rule lasted until the 16th century. The Turks defeated the Spanish and in 1551, Libya became part of the Ottoman Empire . Libya went through a very brief period of time where it broke free from the Ottoman Rule, but shortly thereafter, it was put under Ottoman Rule again. The Ottoman Rule was the last rule Libya ad to endure before being imperialized by the Italians.

Before the Italian imperialization, not much was different about Libya than it is today. The people of Libya mostly spoke Arabic and practiced the Muslim faith. Libya didn’t have very many resources prior to the Italian rule, because petroleum wasn’t accessed until very recently. The type of government varied depending on who was in power at the time Libya had been under the influence of the Roman Empire, the Spanish rule, and the Byzantium Empire. Libya had never truly reached autonomy, it was constantly being ruled by another country before the Italian Imperialization.

In 1912, the Ottoman Empire renounced its claim to Libya. The Sanusi sect ( a very nationalistic group of Sunni Muslims ) resisted Italian...
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