Library System

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Computer is a great technology in our life; most of the people rely on computer nowadays. It serves us tool to lessen work for providing a specific output. Most of office work has nominal human errors, redundant data and time consuming.

Some of manual process is a time consuming and inconsistent data processing and provides redundant output. The computer program is the one that will provide particular answers to these issues.
One of the office works is a library that processes borrowing and returning of books. Process has huge manipulation of information in libraries.
The library is a manual process for student registration, borrowing and returning of books. The student will first secure library card. He/she will present his certificate of matriculation with 1x1pc picture. If new student, the librarian will process the library card and issue card. If old student, just validate the Library card. In case of lost, re-issue a Library card to the student.

In borrowing books, the student/client will register at the statistics book. He/she will present a library card / borrowers card to the personnel. If the purpose of coming is reading, the librarian will recommend library resources. Inform them where they can find or locate the materials and monitor as well as help clients on problems encountered while inside the library room. If the clients finished reading the books, they may return the books or reading materials.

If they will borrow books/materials the library assistant/aide shall: a) Finds appropriate library materials
b) Check the completeness of the books
c) Ask the borrower to fill up the library book card and borrower’s card. d) Check the proper entry in the library book card.
e) Counter check the due date
f) Clip the library card, identification card, borrower’s card, together with the book card. g) File the card on the tray
h) Issue the book/reading material with the date of return together with the borrower’s card. The client will receive the borrowed books, borrower’s card and acknowledge the book with the return date.

Learning is discovering and developing ones talents and skills, this is why it is important to learn from books that can deeper ones knowledge found in library. Network Based library system of School is helping to enhance and improve its services. The Library system will help the assigned personnel lessen the workload of the job.

The inaccuracy and inefficiency of the manual system hassled to a slow service of the librarian. In order to improve the said method, the researchers decided to shift from a manual system of locating books to a computerized library system. As the manual system turned into a computer based system, it will be included for those from successful ones.

School (SCHOOL) of legazpi’s library at present time uses the manual Library System in accomplishing and performing its tasks of recording and tracking of books, computing the overdue account, book cataloguing and make inventory of books. The librarian and other library personnel undergoes / undertakes the lengthy process of recording and making an inventory of books by means of writing in the record book and copying all the titles and necessary information of the old and new books. In borrowing books, the librarian will obtain the borrower’s card. This borrower would fill up to be able to borrow the book needed. The same process of returning of books the borrowers shall return borrowed books on the following day as stated on library policies. The said transaction appeared at the statistics logbook, wherein books have been borrowed is recorded including the date borrowed and returned. If failure to return the book acquired, they are obliged to pay the overdue account. The SCHOOL of legazpi has encountered problems with their transactions especially when the library uses a manual system which is the main hitch of the library. They consume so...
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