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The project focuses on the development skills of the user. The knowledge acquired proves to be helpful and effective, only if it is implemented. The implementation of the knowledge acquired is through project case studies based on real time scenarios.

The “Library Management System” undertaken as a project is based on relevant technologies. The projects are done in groups where the students are learn to work in team, manage project schedules, follow the best coding standards and conventions and adhere to project documentation standards.

Here in this project we use front end as Visual Basic and back-end as Microsoft Access. We store information about the books and the students who have taken the books, reservation of books, requesting of books and book details. All these details are stored in the database by entering into Visual Basic and the details can be displayed in the database by writing the query in the Visual Basic. This project involves several modules to carry out each action.

Hence in the existing system for Library Management System of Zamboanga Del Sur National High School, the performance evaluation system and the maintenance are done manually. The proposed system will maintain all the information in standard database and will be able to generate reports as and when necessary.


1.1 Overview of the Current State of Technology

Zamboanga Del Sur National High School is raising a number of students, from the year 1976 onwards; the school gave the students a prestigious learning rendered by teachers and staff. Zamboanga Del Sur National High School provides the basic facilities needed by the students, one of those are reference books found in the school library. Library is the center of knowledge of every school because it is a place where we can gather data and information and at the library, with the library, through the library and for the library we want to do new things with information.

The school library of Zamboanga Del Sur National High School is manually operating its system of calculating the fines, searching, borrowing, and returning of book, validation of borrower’s card and generation of reports, Because of that, students found a hard time in doing research works, especially in finding the books they wanted to search. With that case, it is time consuming on the part of the students and so with the instructors and staff they also found a hard time in asking the availability of books at the library. Another case is, in borrowing books, library staff records the borrowed books in an individual borrowing form. Considering the number of students in Zamboanga Del Sur National High School enrolled with individual borrowing forms, we can just imagine the number of borrowing forms kept by the library staff throughout the years.

In order to minimize inconvenience encountered by the students, instructors and staff, the researchers developed Library Management System for Zamboanga Del Sur National High School. It aimed to lessen the problem encountered by the current system used by its school library.

1.2 Research Objectives

The developed system endeavors to the current library system of Zamboanga Del Sur National High School. It aimed to convert the manual library system into an Automated Library Management System in order to minimize the problems and inconvenience encountered by the current system.

General Objectives

To provide an Automated Library Management System to Zamboanga Del Sur National High School library processes accessible through a new form of technology. Convert the manual library system into an Automated Library Management System.

Specific Objectives

The system specifically does the following

➢ maximizes the functionality of Zamboanga Del Sur National High School library

➢ solves the problems encountered in the process of its operation

➢ it...
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