Library System

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Chapter I

 A. Introduction

      A library is a place in which literary and artistic materials such as books, periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets, prints, records, and tapes, are kept for reading, reference or lending. A collection of such materials, especially when systematically arranged; a room of private home for such collection. At first glance, your library is a bunch of books with a librarian to check them out to you, and back in when you return them. Your librarian insures (of tries to, as money permits) your library is well stocked with current titles. The librarian also has to keep the building neat and in good repair and also these things only shows a few of the things which make up your library.

Now a day, in a highly technological society, human productivity is made more efficient through the development of electronic gadgets. Now, with the advent of such modernization in education, one way to globalize the process of research is to realize that technology is advancing at an incredibly fast pace. Computers are not confined to being used for entertainment but its role in education is also vast.

In School, reading materials are stored in libraries. Library is a place in which books and related materials are kept for use but not for sale. It is also organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution or a private individual. In addition, it is a place in which we get information in any format and from many sources. The librarian has to keep the room neat so that it is conducive for learning. The librarian is also the person who is liable for monitoring all the books that are borrowed and returned by the borrowers. 

B. Background of the Study

The proponents will propose the Library Books Borrowing and Returning System for General Miguel Malvar Elementary School located at Mangga Ave, Sta Mesa, Manila. . The Head Librarian, Mrs. Tina Guerrero stated that they are currently using the Dewey Decimal Library System. They are still utilizing a manual system. The library users and the librarian still use card catalogues in searching for reading materials and use index card for the records of borrowed and returned books. The proponent’s study was what is which encounter to the Library by the user, Librarian and how the Owner or the Administrator of the said school will provide a good service to their clients to have a good feedback. The study will focus on transaction which done inside the Library like borrowing, returning of books by students, faculties and staffs. 

C. Statement of the Problem
General Problem:
* How to computerized Library System of Gen. Miguel Malvar Elementary School?

Specific Problem:
* How to maintain library records?
* How to provide back-up copy?
* How to maintain data integrity?
* How to make user friendly screen?
* How to secure database files?

D. Objective of the Study

General Objective:

* To develop a computerized library system for Gen. Miguel Malvar Elementary School using Visual Basic.

Specific Objective:

* To maintain library record by providing add, edit and delete module to our system. * To create utility module to back up database files.
* To maintain data integrity by creating a relational database files. * To make a user friendly screen by designing a simple screen that can be easily understand. * To secure database file by creating a user log-in for security purposes.

E. Scope and Limitations
The library system can only monitor the borrowed and returned books. It computes the penalty for due date.

The system does not include the inventory of the books.

F. Significance of the Study
As the researchers identify their objectives, they were able to discuss the significance of their topic to certain factors which they are closely related:

Librarian / Custodian
* The Librarian / Custodian will benefit from this project because it will help him/her monitor the...
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