Library System

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Library Automation refers to the use of computers to serve the needs of library users. The operations of a library get a quantum jump with the introductions of computers. The computers help to provide fast and reliable access to the resources available in the library as well as elsewhere. The application of computers in the library operations avoids repetitive jobs and saves lot of labour, time, speeds up operations, increases use of library resources. Computers are not only used as a tool for processing the data, but also for data storage and accessing.

Problems Encountered in Library System

oData duplication can be occurred.
oLack of security.
oLack of storage common errors.
o Too much paper wastage.
oPoor Data Storage - All the data is stored in filing cabinets. Data could be misplaced due to human error. Data could be stolen very easily. oSlow Retrieval of Data - The information is stored in different parts and takes a long time to retrieve the data. oIn a manual library system if you are not able to find a book of your choice have to spend a lot of time and effort in trying to find a particular book. oManual systems are also slow to operate. Instead of using a computer to issue and take back books, locating and updating a card index is slow and laborious. oTime consuming.

oOften the books are lost and the librarian is not aware of this. oNo proper records for the workers, members and books transaction. oIf manual record book is lost data will be completely lost. oData is not always reliable as it is hand written and some human errors might have occurred, example: wrong telephone number.


The aim of this project is to develop a system that can handle & manage the activities involved in a library in an efficient & reliable way. Less managing personnel & easy searching availability & user profile managing are major goals in this project.

1.What are the...
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