Library System

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Functions :

● Log in Process :

Login type :


For Student :


For Teacher :


Search books based on one or more of the following criteria :

Book ID.

Update personal information:

Student Name.
Father Name.
Mother Name.
Telephone or Cell Phone No.
Department Name.
Batch No.

Functions for Librarians :

Add book to the database.
Remove book from the database.
Modify book information.
Add or registration users such as student,teacher.
Add library card ID and assign them to users on database.
Check out and book issues.
Handle returns.
Manage and transfer book.
View all user information except passwords.

GUI Design :

The first step in designing the GUI was to choose a means of accessing the database. After evaluating various options, we settled on using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and develop our application by using a sql server database. By using Microsoft Visual Studio, we could separate the application logic from the DBMS as well as from clients. In addition to simplifying operations on the database, we are using Microsoft sql server 2008. Microsoft Visual Studio makes extending the functionality of our system easier. When adding a new feature or improving an existing one, we will not need to change the database; it will only be necessary to modify the portion of the code.


It is clear that the physical objects from the previous section – the customers, employees, cards, media, and library branches – correspond to entities in the Entity-Relationship model, and the operations to be done on those entities – holds, checkouts, and so on – correspond to relationships. However, a good design will minimize redundancy and attempt to store all the required information in as small a space as possible.
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