Library System

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5.5 Summary
Handling the manual system of the acaademy is easy but the proponents encountered problems and deficiencies on the process. One way to provide Canossa Academy, a systematic way in caring to its student’s need, is by using a Computerized Library Management System. Computerized Library Management System is developed by Visual Basic 2008 and MS Access for the database The system will be most beneficial to the Staff, and Students of the academy through efficient data handling and borrowing.

5.2 Conclusion
Computerized Library Management System is a system that will improve the current unsystematic data handling of the School. 1. The system provides better data handling ability to ensure the accuracy of the process. 2. The system encloses and provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies data management. 3. The system generates tasks that are simple and provides quick access to employees. Based on the evaluation result the respondents agreed one hundred percent (100%) that Computerized Library Management System for Canossa Academy Lipa is useful and systematically proficient.

5.3 Recommendations
The system is initially developed to provide better data handling and efficient access to business transactions. If used for future reference, listed below are suggested points and recommendations that would improve the software. * Make the system suitable in all operating systems;

* Make its user interface more accessible to non-IT professionals, so every; user can use and adapt the program easily.; and
* Provide better modules to further elaborate the system’s performance.
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