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Librarian Interview Questions

The following is a list of suggested questions and possible responses to use when interviewing potential Library Media Specialists. Please visit the Office of Library Services Website for additional information at For further support in the interview process, please contact the Office of Library Services at (212) 374-0328.

1. How do your background, education, and work experiences qualify you for the position of Library Media Specialist? • Librarian working with grade 7 and above must have a School Librarian Certification (e.g., Teacher of Library – Elementary, Teacher of Library – Secondary, Library Media Specialist) • Librarian should be comfortable using and integrating technology throughout his/her work with students and teachers • Librarian should be capable of differentiating learning for all students • Librarian should have an understanding of the library’s role in reading motivation and school-wide programming • Librarian should have an understanding of inquiry-based learning and teaching information fluency skills 2. What is your philosophy of education? How does your vision of the school library fall within this philosophy? The answers to these questions reflect individual beliefs; nonetheless, their vision for the school library should incorporate the following ideas: • The school library fosters a community of learning, literacy, and inquiry that leads to high academic achievement • The school library is an integral part of the school and serves as a hub for learning and student success • The school library has an important role in fostering independent reading 3. How would you integrate technology and information literacy skills into your work with students and teachers? • Librarian should be comfortable using technology on a consistent basis • Librarian teaches technology and information literacy skills from the Information Fluency...

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