Library System

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In progress countries, where the Computerized Library System is a mature technology, developments are the area of resource sharing and globalization of Information Access. In such a scenario, the role of the librarian is no longer to make available the most suitable books or editorial or facts accessible within the library but to seek out the information necessary by the user from any library. The recent advancement in Information Technologies and system has become the key concerns of librarian and libraries. Libraries need to develop their resources access, analyse the need of their users and seek to develop resources to meet this needs. As a learning and knowledge organization, schools should empower their libraries to develop the appropriate tools in coping with the growing library trends and standards. The Jesus is Lord Christian School’s Library System is a Manual System, which covers manual transactions inside the library, such as borrowing, returning, and recording of the books and the registration of the new borrowers. The system will help the librarian to closely monitor the condition of the library. This system is also design to speed up every transaction inside the library. The main objective of the proposed system is to increase the efficiency and security of record keeping of the school. The system will also generate reports that are needed in monitoring the library. The proposed system is design with security to protect sensitive files from unauthorized access. Only authorized users can have an access to confidential files. The security of files is achieved through the use of Username and Password for identification and authentication of the user. The proposed Computerized Library System of Jesus is Lord Christian School will improve and speed up library transactions.


The Computerized Library System is an Integrated System that consists of library operating components such as Cataloguing, Searching, Adding, Editing, and Deleting books and periodicals information. Each component supports a user-friendly interface that makes it extremely accessible to librarians and students alike. The software is also design with portability in mind, so that it would be available to a wide variety of computer architecture. Library is a place where the collections of books are kept. A library operates routinely with known set of customer, it also operates on expectation. When the client walks into the library, we expect that they will get the material or information that they need. The library in return, expects that the client will return the items within the specified borrowing time. As always, the role of the library and librarians is to help manage the effective delivery of library services. This has been traditionally anchored on the management of the catalogue and physical collection. Librarians are trained to be expert in Information Searching, Selecting, and Organizing. Nowadays, in a highly technological society, human productivity is made more efficient through the development of the electronic gadgets and machine. The advent of such modernization in education, one way to globalize the process of research is to appreciate that technology is advancing in a dramatic increase. Now in our modern society, technology is the most important advancement which brings necessity to progress us along to the computerized world. These make man’s life easier and more convenient.

1.2.1 General problem
How to design, develop, and implement a Computerized Library System for Jesus is Lord Christian School to lessen their time in tracking of records, storage of numerous paperwork’s and manual filing of forms. 1.2.2 Specific Problems

* The current acquisition and cataloguing process of Jesus is Lord Christian School Library is time consuming and prone to errors due to the present manual operations. * The traditional use of pen and typriter for acquisition and...
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