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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Jessica Smith
ILR 260
Instructor: Renee Gonzalez
April 20, 2004

Research question
How are cellular phones changing the relationship between parents and their children? Source 1 citation
Weisskirch, S. (2009). Parenting by Cell Phone: Parental Monitoring of Adolescents and Family Relations. Journal of youth and adolescence, (0047-2891), 38 (8), p. 1123 Source 1 annotation
Cellular phones have become this unique tool in the parents, adolescent relationship, they are portable and somewhat inexpensive, and provide readily direct communication access for parents wanting to get in contact with their children or vice versa. In the past it consist of shouting out the window, using landline phones, and pagers, this would allow the parent not to be physically present. Unlike the past, cell phones today have the capability of traversing distance, real time and delayed communication, (e.g., voice mail). Parents wanting to monitor their children, as to whom they may associate themselves with, to know their whereabouts provide cellular phones, and the activities their child are involved in. Researches have found that this maybe a form of psychological control that parents have over their child. Though this may seem like a negative effect, this has a reflection on the way parents adapt to regulate their child behavior, through the guidelines and supervision levels of monitoring indicated to me, which parents were trying to make sure their children don’t engage in any delinquent behavior.

Source 2 citation
Racz, S. J., & Mcmahon, R. J. (2011). The relationship between parental knowledge and monitoring and child and adolescent conduct problems: A 10-year update. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 14(4), 377-98. Source 2 annotation

Parental monitoring which can also be associated with good parenting. This can range anywhere from enrolling your child in school, or after school programs, establishing rules, and actively tracking the whereabouts (via cell...
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